NH Licensing Procedure:
To become a licensed salesperson in the state of New Hampshire, the New Hampshire Real Estate Commission requires that you complete a 40-hour accredited salesperson pre-licensing course. Upon finishing this course you will be able to take a the salesperson's test. After passing the test you may associate with a real estate agency and request a license. The steps involved
can be found below:


1. Complete the required 40 hour salesperson pre-licensing course. Upon completion, you will receive an affidavit from your instructor confirming your completion. You will have one year from the start of your pre licensing course start date to register for
the New Hampshire salesperson exam.


2. You will mail your course affidavit, the completed New Hampshire salesperson exam registration form, and the fee to the New Hampshire Real Estate Commission.


3. The state will process your New Hampshire salesperson exam registration and notify the AMP testing service. You will then
receive an exam registration notice from AMP by mail or email.


4. Once you received your exam registration notification from the testing service, you will need to make an appointment to take
the examination. You may register online or by calling the AMP testing service.


5. Tests are conducted by appointment and administered at several H&R Block locations in Concord, Manchester, Nashua,
and Portsmouth.


6. Your results will be shared with you immediately after completing the exam. If you passed both sections of the examination, congratulations!  


7. If you failed either the New Hampshire or national section of the examination, you may retake the failed portion again. To do so, you will need to reapply with the state of New Hampshire Real Estate Commission.


8. Upon successful completion of the exam you may associate with the real estate agency of your choice. They will help you complete your salesperson application. You may then mail it along with the fee to the New Hampshire Real Estate Commission. Upon issuance, your license will be mailed to the real estate agency you associated with.


9. Congrats! You're in business.